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The journey of my "Vision to help others with their vision" started at an early age. I was born extremely nearsighted. I did not know as a toddler that I could not see well. However, I knew at age 6 when I got my first glasses that I wanted to help people see the world differently, just like I did that day! Unfortunately I was diagnosis with type one diabetes at age 9. I was told that with being very nearsighted and having T1DM (a disease that was one of the leading causes of blindness), I would likely experience some permenent vision loss by age 30. I was blessed to only experience mild diabetic retinopathy (with one laser treatment) by the age of thirty. I also had eight years of experience working under a pediatric ophthalmologist when I found a way to help children save their eyesight!

Over my years of experience in the optical and ophthalmology fields, I witnessed to many patients who struggled to find an eye patch that is effective and comfortable when trying to occlude their eye. After seeing so many young children cry and parents frustrated, I decided it was time someone made an eye patch to make this difficult treatment easier. The traditional sticky patch or uncomfortable pirate patch were the only patching options. There were a few cloth patches available, however they did not completely occlude vision from all angles or they shifted out of place allowing peeking spots. Most children with Amblyopia wear eye glasses, as well as many adults whom also need patching treatment. Many patients (after using the adheisive patches) have expressed their frustrations with the skin rash that frequently occurs to the sensitive areas around the eye and discomfort with wearing one. Often parents grew tired of battling with their child. Getting patches to stick at all with all those alligator tears and or sweating can be an issue. However some adhesive patches stick too well and parents then have to RIP up their child's skin cells to get the patch off. Since I cleaned a LOT of childrens glasses, I knew that most kids do not care if they have finger smeers and syrup on their lenses. They didn't mind blurry vision as much as any adult, as long as they were comfortable, they comply! I knew that if I could develop a cloth eye patch alternative that is completely occlusive, yet wouldn't irritate skin... I could save patients hundreds of dollars in paying for disposable patches and save others eye sight!

With many, many hours and late nights, I finally designed my Framehuggers®. I have developed and improved Framehuggers® eye patches over many years with they support from doctors worldwide. Our German distributor, Berenbrinker LLC; received a CE Mark (level one medical device) on my patch design in 2012. I’ve received thousands of positive feedback through optical offices, patients and parents globally. I am proud to introduce to you this helpful, beneficial and effective eye patch for patients requiring occlusion of their eye. Please check out my Headhugger retainers too. I developed these after years of success with patching therapy, when many parents asked if I could help keep glasses on and in the right posisiton on ther child as well as I was able to help them patch. Since no great solutions exsited, I went back to work to develop my Headhugger by Framehuggers! I also offer the Patching pal Program to patients with a reward game, which makes them feel rewarded for their compliance.

Thank you all for your feedback, photos and videos! Please keep it coming as I miss the hugs that I used to receive in person at the clinic. It is like getting virtual "hugs" back for sending my "hug" to help. Thank you so much for your interest in Framehuggers®


Camille Workman



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In memory of our only child, Mayleigh Kyndall Workman, whom we lost on August 15th, 2017
We love and miss you so much sweetiepie!!! <3