Facehugger Instructions

SIZING INFO: The sizing varies based on face shape/ width but our adjustable ear loops & head strap will help make the mask adjust & fit better on every face!  Youth size may fit some adults with very narrow/petite faces. It is not recommended to use a mask on children younger than 3 years old. 

Our masks filter about 20% more than cotton versions... which is more protective but for those with lung issues, a thinner mask may be advised.

CHILD SIZE: Suggested for ages 4 to 9+ (if small or petite for their age, this may fit older kids)
YOUTH SIZE: Suggested for ages 10+ 
ADULT SIZE: Fits most average to plus size faces 

Please email us if you have special needs or questions at camille@framehuggers.com

Please note that due to high demands, manufacturing time may vary between 5-7 business days.
(Shipping time not included)

Adjusting the Head Strap
Adjusting the Ear Loops
Information About the Options

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First 50 Facehugger Donations