Framehugger FriendFramehugger Friend

Thank you for your interest in the Framehuggers® Friend & Patching Pal Program. Framehuggers® is dedicated to helping parents achieve proper compliance when it comes to patching their child; and what a better way to do that than to make it fun and exciting for the kids.

Framehuggers Friends are cute and cuddly friends that wear glasses too. These adorable bears have a string and suction cup attached that allows them to dangle freely or be squeezed endlessly by your child.
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Framehuggers® Patching Pal Program comes with your choice of a Framehugger Friend wearing a patch. It also comes with a fun reward game for patching (this allows a child to be rewarded for patching) and a tip guide to help you in your quest to improving your child's vision. The Patching Pal will give your child a friend to patch with making the patching process more enjoyable for everyone involved!

The Framehugger Friend is $14.99.
The Patching Pal Program is $19.99. Both are available on our order forms


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