Framehuggers Products

Framehuggers offers a comfortable, precise and full occlusion solution no matter what age you need to patch.
We offer a varitey of color options and two very comfortable materials that will fit any pair of glasses.
Our unique nylon blend eye patches allow youto decorate your eye patches with stickers or take advantage of our free custom iron-on appliques. They also have a 4 way stretch that hugs the frame better than ever! Whether you are patching for amblyopia treatment or basic eye occlusion, you will not find a better cloth eye patch that stays in place without shifting and letting light in.
Our original fleece blend eye patches offer the same quality occusion in more colors and also cover three dimensionally to ensure no peaking or light from coming in. Both are reversible and are custom fit to any frame size from infants to adults!
With our Headhugger Eyeware Retainer, you will never have to worry about your glasses slipping ever again. Coupled with a Framehugger, your eye patch will not shift or fall out of place like other cloth eye patches thanks to it's one of a kind Velcro design. And you will never see tears like the sticky patches produce due to sensative skin.
For more information on pricing, color options and appliques, visit our pricing page or visit any of the links at the top of any web page. If you are ready to try our products choose the Order link to try a Framehugger or Headhugger today!