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"Framehuggers® have been used successfully in our office as a great alternative for patching. As a pediatric ophthalmologist, I want compliance convenience, and comfort for my patients. Framehuggers® patches help me accomplish all of these. I would highly recommend them."

Scott H. Pressman, M.D. The Eye Associates Boise Id


"The design and function of this patch that you have created is outstanding. Considering the long term benefits that patients will derive from having their eyes adequately patched, this breakthrough may possibly represent the greatest improvement in vision within our industry for a long time. My highest compliments and praise are to you for the creation and implementation of this patching technology."

Ryan S. McKinnon, M.D. Saltzer Medical Group  Caldwell Id

"I believe when choosing a patch you must keep in mind how easy or hard it is for a child to comply with the wearing instructions. You need a patch that is custom fitted and will not allow the child to peek around easily, but also soft and comfortable to wear all day if necessary. I exclusively recommend Framehuggers® patches for all my patients that patch over their glasses. The children love the comfort and the parent's love the results!"

Danielle D. Crull, American Board of Opticianry Master-Certified Optician

Danielle is 1 of only 330 people on this board in the entire US and the ONLY one specializing in fitting frames for infants through teens. In addition, she is the Master Optician in Harrisburg, PA.. She feels so strongly about properly fitting glasses for children that she provides seminars to other optician's explaining differences in fitting children verses adults. Because a child's eye is a unique concept, Miss Danielle has been getting a lot of press coverage. Thanks for your hard work and dedication Miss Danielle! We at Framehuggers® are proud to recommend Miss Danielle for any questions you may have with patching or proper fitting of you or your child's glasses. She Has also written a very unique book which offers great insight to the world of patching. Pleasesee our order forms for more details.

Visit her site at or

"The Framehugger is the best eye patch. It is comfortable.  It is custom made to fit. It is durable and lasts for years.  It fully blocks unilateral vision and prevents "peeking", unlike some other smaller patches.  It has helped my son improve his Amblyopia to 20/20 vs 20/25 and we are continuing  to patch in hopes that his eyes will fully equalize."

Peter Rogers MD author of "The Rogers Diet DVD & audioCD" and of "100 Procedures in Interventional Radiology (Imaging Guided Surgery), Amirsys Co.

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